Wholesale Honey Supplier 

Wholesale Honey Supplier & Exporter in Pakistan

For more than 50 years, NSBH is the leading wholesale honey supplier,
and the top honey exporter in Pakistan  

Wholesale Honey - Our Promise

We follow all quality control measures to ensure our customers receive 100% natural and organic wholesale honey. Our honey is pure with no added ingredients or pasteurization. Moreover, our processes ensure that our bees feed on organically grown plants only, making our honey natural and organic. We supply wholesale honey and Sidr honey straight from our farms to many brands, making us the leading dealer and distributor of honey in Pakistan. 

Nutritious Wholesale Honey produced in Swat

The honey produce by Natural Swat Bee Honey company is fresh from the remote regions of Swat, Pakistan. Headquartered in Karachi, NSBH is proud to be a certified company by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority. [License Number: CM-L3739/2018]
Certified by PSQCA

Our Products

Acacia Honey
Beri Honey / Sidr Honey
Ajwain Honey

Discover All Wholesale Honey Products

At NSBH, we produce and supply all kinds of natural wholesale honey products, in addition to other herbal products with remarkable health benefits. 

Do you want to develop healthy and delicious products based on active ingredients from beehives and plants? Do you want to expand your range by offering natural and organic honey products? You are in the right place. NSBH offers many honey products in its catalog for wholesale purchase. Our catalogs are updated every year to incorporate the latest news as well as seasonal products. Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you are looking for a particular product or range of products: we may already have it in stock!


The Natural SWAT Bee Honey company was founded 50 years ago. Its mission is to provide its customers with healthy and delicious products made from the active ingredients of the hive: honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen. The owners of NSBH have been in the business from 3 generations of beekeepers that allows them to harvest and select the best ingredients to create original recipes. NSBH makes the naturalness and purity of honey ingredients a priority. The harvests are all analyzed and controlled in the laboratory to guarantee optimum quality. This is why NSBH’s acacia honey and sidr honey also have a certification from Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority.